Treating UTI’s In Children

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get rid of a uti in children without antibiotics

How To Get Rid Of A UTI In Children

Us adults get a UTI quite often but when it comes to children and infants it is an entire different subject. Getting rid of a UTI in kids is an entirely different monster as well as it can be quite difficult. A lot of children at a young age can not use antibiotics so that is out of the question. It is important to look at some other options. Your child’s doctor will give you a couple of options to choose from. It is important to listen to them and follow their instructions properly because a urinary tract infection can be a big issue in children.

1. Diagnosing

First off, it is very important to know the difference from a uti and a stomach bug. Since children can not explain the symptoms very well you are going to have to do your best as a parent to figure them out on your own. Communication is key, if you child is old enough to talk this can be a much easier process. Symptoms of a UTI in children are the same as in adults, frequent urination, painful urination, lower abdominal cramps and lower back pain as well. Fever and headache can also be present in children suffering from a urinary tract infection.

2. Treatment For A UTI In Children

Treatment for a UTI is not much unlike a bladder infection. However like I had said before you are going to need to learn more about treating a UTI without antibiotics. Depending on what age your child is antibiotics are not an option and can cause harm to them. However natural antibiotics for uti are highly recommended for children. It is also wise to have them drink plenty of cranberry juice as well. Vitamin C is recommended and lots of bed rest. Give your doctor time to think of a specific treatment option for you. They might start your child out on a very small dose of antibiotics depending on the age.

3. What To Do If Condition Worsens

This is when you need to be a little bit more aggressive. There are many complications of a uti that can happen if left untreated.When your infant or child is not getting better with natural antibiotics and other treatments. It is important to become aggressive and start a different treatment option. Doctors should be notified and antibiotics should be given immediately. A child can not handle a UTI as easily as we could so it could be a cause for concern. A UTI in children can cause long term kidney damage if left untreated.

That is pretty much all there is to it, make sure that you and your primary care physician are on the same page about your child. Take care of your child, give them natural antibiotics and cranberry juice daily. Also make sure that they are getting plenty of rest in their beds and they are drinking plenty of water. This is the best way to fight an infection no matter what kind of infection it is. Thanks for checking out the blog we hope you got some great stuff from here.


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