How To Prevent Herpes

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How To Prevent Herpes Naturally

Prevention of herpes simplex is an easy process as long as you are consistent. You need to make sure to always keep up on your preventative measures. If you can learn about prevention you will be much less likely to catch herpes in the future. As you all know, herpes is a growing problem in the united states. It has gotten so out of hand these last couple of years that you are pretty much forced to be careful around everybody.  Instead of sitting around and waiting to become infected why not take some precautions? I can share all of my precaution tips with you starting right now.

1.  Do Not Have Sex Without Protection

Number one tip you can give anybody trying to avoid getting herpes. Having sex with multiple or even one partner without a condom is a surefire way to get herpes. If you are not careful, it could happen to you at anytime. 1 in three people actually already have herpes and that is research done about a year ago. Those numbers are already scary enough, they are possibly growing. So please always wear protection when having sex. It can be a life saver and can be the best method to preventing herpes.

2.Do Not Share Drinks With People

Especially people that you do not know very well. It is not wise to ever share a drink with somebody who could potentially have herpes. Of course you are probably never going to know if they do have it or not. It is best to just not take any chances and always drink out of your own cups. It is also suggested to not share utensils such as forks or spoons with other people. Taking extra preventative measure is important.

3. Kissing

Catching oral herpes simplex 1 through kissing is the most common way to catch herpes. It is sad to say but some people will not tell others that they are infected and they kiss people anyways. This causes people to become infected without even knowing. Kissing is a very easy way to spread it and should be something to look out for. The only way to prevent catching herpes through kissing is to make sure you are only kissing people that you are comfortable with and that you know well. Even then, that is not going to ensure you will not become infected. Just remember to always be super careful.

4.Ask Your Partner About Their Sexual History

This is important if you have not had sexual relations with your partner yet. Before sex, always ask what their history has been like with other partners. This can give you a general idea of what you are up against. Of course on top of this, remember to wear a condom in order to be safe in the best possible way. This is an overlooked tip that people do not care to do.

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