How To Make Anxiety Go Away Naturally Without Medication

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5 tips on How To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication

Easy Tips On How To Make Anxiety Go Away Naturally And Without Medication

Your heart is racing, you start sweating, your stomach is all tied up in a knot and you are completely overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. These are just a few of the many symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. I know exactly what you are going through, I too used to have severe anxiety. Don’t get confused, I still do from time to time but I have learned how to control it for the most part. If you are struggling with severe anxiety or panic attacks there are ways to learn how to make anxiety go away naturally. You can learn how to overcome anxiety without medication and more naturally. Before all of this I tried using xanax and came to find out that it made me sick. So I stopped taking it all together and started learning how to relieve anxiety naturally. Here is what I use to help me cope with my anxiety and I suggest you start using them as well.

Learn How To Relieve Anxiety Naturally With These Practices

How To Relieve Anxiety Naturally


Number 1. Meditation 

Meditation is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. The first time you experience enlightenment your life will change forever. I have been meditating for nearly ten years now and I have no intention of ever stopping. I usually do a session before I start my day and it relaxes me. It lowers my anxiety an incredible amount and gives me a sense of peace. I would highly suggest that you learn how to meditate as soon as you can. I found out how to meditate from This Site when I first learned how to relieve anxiety naturally.

Number 2. Reiki Healing 

This may sound a little different but it can be very beneficial to your health. I learned about this practice about 4 years ago in my travels to japan. The Practice of Reiki Healing is using your body’s self-healing abilities. Along with reducing stress in your life it can also lower your anxiety and help you contain panic attacks, its been known to help people with sleep and can even help relieve some pain that you are having. Some people say that it helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing. You can read more about Reiki Healing from This Site, I would highly recommend everyone learn about this practice.

Number 3. Breathing Exercises

Most likely you will end up needing this at some point, it may sound pointless but trust me it’s not. In order to learn how to make anxiety go away you will have to learn these exercises. I use them pretty much everyday. You need a reliable teaching method so I would recommend you Read This. It was incredibly helpful to me and I am glad that I found it. These breathing exercises come in handy more than you could ever imagine. A life saver for sure.


No More Pills Here Are Three Tips On How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Without Medication

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Without Medication

If you are like me then you absolutely hate using pills to deal with problems. I hate having to put all of these toxins in my body, its disgusting. If I really have to I will take my medication. I actually did get a prescription for Xanax when I first started getting anxiety. After I took it for nearly two years I came to realize that it no longer worked for me. I had to continuously up my dosage and decided that  I no longer wanted to take them. So I started searching for more naturally ways to deal with my anxiety. I came up with a couple of tips on how to overcome anxiety without medication.

Number 1. Yoga 

I myself am not into yoga because I am just not that limber or flexible, but I have heard that it does wonders for reducing stress and anxiety. There are hundreds if not thousands of different ways to learn yoga, and it has been beneficial to the world for thousands of years. Along with reducing anxiety and stress it also can help you lose some weight, help you gain some muscle and muscle tone. If you are trying to figure out how to make anxiety go away immediately you should look elsewhere. Yoga is not for immediate relief but can be used to treat your anxiety long term. You should check out the main yoga site to learn more about it and how you can get started. You can find it here,

Number 2. Positive Thinking 

As cliche as this sounds, positive thinking can go a very long way. Anxiety is in your head most of the time and sometimes thinking negatively can make it much worse for you. It is important to keep a positive mindset at all times. If you think about having anxiety then chances are you are going to have anxiety. Change your mind set up and and only pay attention to the better things in life. There are plenty of them.

Number 3. More Sleep

Figuring out how to overcome anxiety without medication can be tricky. There is a lot of misinformation out there about anxiety. Some people will tell you that sleep will actually make your anxiety worse. They will tell you that you need to be more active and get more exercise. While that is kind of true you should be getting exercise because its important. So is sleep, getting your eight hours of sleep every night is very important. Your mind needs time to rest from all of that anxious thinking that it is doing.


What Happens When You Finally Learn How To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication?

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1. Peace

Once you have successfully learned how to relieve anxiety naturally you will have an overall sense of peace with yourself. You will be more relaxed knowing that anxiety will no longer be a huge problem in your life. Tranquility is an amazing feeling to have especially if you have been dealing with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I hope that you have the chance to reach this state because its an awesome feeling.


You can finally have the freedom to actually do what you used to do before anxiety took over your life. You can do anything, go anywhere without worrying when the next anxiety attack will be. There is nothing more amazing than this feeling. When you finally find out how to get rid of anxiety without medication there is nothing you can’t do.

3. Sleep

You can finally get a good nights sleep knowing that you wont wake up to an anxiety attack. I can’t even count the many times I woke up in a state of panic. It is a great feeling having eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. I promise you will not miss waking up in the middle of the night one bit.

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