How To Diagnose Herpes

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How To Diagnose Herpes Properly

So you recently had a night out and think there is a strong possibility that you have herpes now. Of course you are going to have to head to your local doctor to make sure.You might want to try and diagnose yourself. However, diagnosing yourself with herpes is not easy. So it is very smart to see your local doctor instead just to get the proper diagnosis. There are a series of tests that they can run to ensure that you either have or do not have herpes. These tests are not embarrassing and are actually quite simple.

Talking To Your Doctor

Talking to your doctor about genital herpes might seem like a nightmare but it really is not. I can tell you from a little bit of experience and scares that it is quite easy. Doctors are not the kind of people to judge your for an STD. They have seen it time and time again and there is nothing they have probably not seen. So talking to them should be pretty easy as long as you are not shy. Tell them exactly what you think happened and what you think might be going on. You can never lie to a doctor about herpes because they will find out eventually with tests. Once you give them the general idea of what symptoms you are having. They will start with a couple of tests for you to try.

Urine Test

The first test of course is usually going to be a urine test. Which is actually a lot more simple than you probably think. All you have to do is urinate into a cup and hand it to your doctor. The only difficult thing about this process is when you do not have to urinate. You might have to wait a few hours before doing this or you can just start drinking a lot of water. Once the urine test is done, your doctor will usually get back to you with results in a few hours. Herpes is a pretty standard thing to test for in a doctors office so they have it down to a science.

Blood And Oral Swab Test

Next will be the oral swab and blood test. Of course if you are afraid of needles you may have to be ready for a needle. They are usually pretty small needles and should not be something to worry about. The oral swab is easy and simple and takes about ten seconds. Once they take a small amount of your blood and a bit of saliva you are pretty much set to go. They next step will be explaining treatment for genital herpes.

If you are against pharmaceutical medication you will probably want to learn how to cure herpes with home remedies. If not you will be given a very strict treatment and game plan for keeping the herpes breakouts to a minimum. Treatment for herpes will be restrictions on foods and drinks that cause breakouts. You will also be advised to avoid contact with others to avoid spreading herpes.

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