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Stress is one of those things that just bites you in the ass, sometimes stress grows over time and can get worse and worse but sometimes it comes at you all at once. Most of my adult life I have been stressed, the amount of stress of course depends on the situation at hand. Is it just one really big thing that you are stressed about or is it multiple small things that are just building up in your life that you just cant handle anymore? Well all in all I would say one of the most stressful situations by far that I have come into contact with is having a project that I need to complete, whether it be an essay I need to finish for a college midterm or a massive campaigning project I need to complete for my boss. Its a very big problem for me, sometimes I will procrastinate a ridiculous amount of time and this will only end up making my stress and anxiety levels higher than they were before.


There have actually been times where I was so stressed out I would actually just give up on a project and would end up having some pretty bad consequences for it. This is actually a pretty big problem for most people as well, I have friends and family who have this problem and some of them get even more stressed out than I do. Luckily there are actually quite a few things that you can do to reduce this type of stress or any stress in general, and the best thing about them is they are all natural. So you might be asking yourself, how do I deal with this? How can you reduce the stress of completing a project and get your life back on track? Here are the top 5 best ways that I know of, and they are not in any particular order just to be clear they all work just as well as the others.


How Can You Reduce The Stress Of Completing A Project ? Here Are 5 Tips!

1. Meditation

This is something that I would highly recommend that everybody learn to do at some point in their lives, the benefits of meditation are huge. The overall improvement of life when using meditation regularly is actually pretty damn amazing. This is actually probably my personal favorite for reducing any kind of stress, every morning before I make my coffee and before I go to work I have one 30 minute meditation session.  Reducing stress is not the only benefit of meditation there are many other benefits to meditation including  lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety and panic attacks, mindfulness, general happiness. Learning meditation is actually not very hard and I would recommend looking at This Site for learning the proper techniques of meditation.


Yoga is kind of in the same ballpark as meditation, though it is actually a completely different practice you get almost all the same benefits. I have been doing yoga for about 3 years and I gotta say its been great to my health, I actually even lost a few pounds. Yoga can help reduce your stress levels exponentially and at the same time keep you limber, flexible and help you gain some muscle tone while you are at it. Go to if you want to learn more about yoga and how to implement it into your daily life.

3. Exercise

You knew this one was coming didn’t you? Yeah well I have to put it in here because its one of the most beneficial methods to reducing stress. Especially work related stress because it can keep your mind occupied and take your mind off the stressful thinking for a little while. Plus if you exercise hard enough, when you are finished you will be too tired to worry about the project. It will keep your mind in a positive thinking mode and help you get whatever it is you need to get done, done. I don’t really think I need to list off all of the other benefits of exercise because that is something that pretty much everybody knows already. So I wont bore you with the specifics and we will just move on to the next one.

4.Take a break

This might sound counterproductive and yes it kind of is procrastination, but sometimes its just what you need. It has helped me many times in the past and will continue to help me in many years to come. There will come a time in your project where you are so stressed out you will want to give up. You don’t need to do that, just take a long break maybe a few hours maybe a couple days. It just depends on how soon you need to finish your project. If you have a deadline in the next few days I would only recommend you take a short 2 or 3 hour break as a full day could set you back more than you need. If you have a month to compete your task, take a few days off and hang out with the family. Maybe do something nice for yourself, when you get back to your project you will feel much more relaxed and stress free. Trust me it works.

5. Reiki Healing

I know, this one sounds a little weird but its a practice that millions of people including myself actually use on a daily basis. Much like meditation reiki healing can create intense deep relaxation periods for you that can reduce your stress levels.  When work and school starts to stress me out to the point of giving up I usually turn to this and feel much better  about myself within a few hours. There are tons of other benefits to this practice as well including receiving pain, helping with spiritual growth, aids sleep and much more. I have been doing this for a good two and a half years now and I am really loving it.  I recommend taking a look at This Main Site of Reiki Healing to learn more about the process and how you can learn how to do it.


So again you are asking yourself, how can you reduce the stress of completing a project? Just follow my tips and I can assure you that you will be stress free and ready to finish that project. The most important thing to remember about this is to not give up, there is always going to be stress in your life and there is no way to completely get rid of it for good. Always remember that there are people out there that are in much worse positions than you are and when you are feeling like you just cant handle that project anymore just follow these tips. Now get off the internet and get back to work! Unless of course your project is on the internet then go ahead and stay on here.


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