Dealing With A Tension Headache

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how to get rid of a tension headache

Treating And Dealing With A Tension Headache

I am one of those people who gets very stressed out quite often. Stress has a lot of downsides to it which can really be bothersome. One of these serious problems that comes with stress is tension headaches. I constantly need to get rid of a headache and sometimes it takes over a lot of my time. It was especially bad when I was getting headaches while pregnant. There was nothing I could do about it except sleep and drink a lot of water. However when I am not pregnant there are a couple of things that you can do to take care of a tension headache. One thing I would like to point out is that conventional over the counter drugs such as Tylenol do not work for tension headaches very well. Just keep that in mind and do not ask why I am not mentioning them in this post.

1.Relieve Stress

Obviously since tension headaches are caused by mostly stress it is important to relieve the stress. However, like I have said many different times, it is much easier said than done. Relieving stress is not something that can just happen instantly. Headaches come and go but stress stays with you almost always. Unless you know how to deal with it properly then you can learn how to control stress. The best thing I have specifically found for stress is meditation. If you have not learned much about meditation it is very highly recommended to remove stress from your life. It is also very simple to learn if you know where to learn it from.

2.Warm Massage

Removing tension headaches are easy if you have somebody to take care of you. It would be awesome if you had somebody to give you a nice relaxing massage. This will relieve a lot of the tension and stress. If you have a partner or even a friend who might want to give you a massage. It can be amazing for dealing with headaches. You have no idea how much it can make a difference if you have a nice long massage.

3.Lavender Oil

When I ask people if they have ever used lavender oil before I always get the same response. They all make fun of me and say no why would I use lavender oil? I look at them and laugh because they do not know the true power of this stuff. I have been using it for my tension headaches the last couple of years and all I have to say is that it works miracles. Its easy to use and easy to find. Using it is as simple as either rubbing it on your temples or into your neck.

A tension headache is something that should be handled with care. Of course there are many different types of headaches. So remember to deal with your stress in a healthy way and to always keep a relaxed mind state. If you like the content on here I would recommend checking out more of the website. Thanks for coming and best of luck to you in the future!

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