Complications Of A UTI

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uti complications and cure

What Are The Complications Of A UTI?

Sure a urinary tract infection in its self is already bad enough but do you know there are many complications that can come with a UTI? If left untreated a UTI can lead to some very serious illnesses. It is recommended that you seek medical attention for a urinary tract infection as soon as you possibly can. If you do not, you are in for some extra health related problems that could require separate medical attention. Here are a couple of complications that can be caused by a UTI.

1. Dehydration

A UTI can lead to some severe dehydration which if left untreated can cause hospitalization or even death. Dehydration is not something you should be messing around with. When dealing with a urinary tract infection you must drink as much liquids as you can on a daily basis. Do not let something as silly as dehydration to cause problems for you. Do yourself a favor and drink more water, its that simple.

2. Kidney Stones

You can also experience some very intense pain from kidney stones. A UTI can cause kidney stones due to the infection in the bladder and urinary ducts. Infection can lead to stones which will be very difficult to treat. It is best to get treated for your urinary infection quickly to avoid any kidney stone problems. Another great way to avoid kidney stones is drinking cranberry juice daily.

3. Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is probably the most severe of the complications of a UTI. Failure to treat the infection in a timely manner can lead to severe kidney infection and possibly kidney failure. This is when it becomes a little more serious and when it needs immediate medical attention. If you think you might be dealing with kidney failure from a urinary tract infection. Head to your local hospital or primary care physician as soon as possible.


Some people will attempt to treat a uti without antibiotics and that is okay. As long as you know what you are doing. However, It is recommended to take antibiotics because if they are not taken i can lead to something called sepsis. Sepsis is a toxic bacteria that thrives on infections and wounds. Sepsis is very dangerous if left untreated as well. If you are worried about getting sepsis please take your antibiotics to avoid in the future.

5. Increase In Discomfort

Obviously the longer you wait for treatment for a uti the worse the discomfort will become. It is not going to go away on its own and you need to do something about it. So an increase in pain and discomfort is very likely if you decide to wait to treat your urinary tract infection.

Remember that if you have health problems you should always talk to a doctor about getting it treated. Do not wait around for something to happen because that is only going to make things worse. This is how these complications will arise. We hope you like the content and we wish you best of luck in the future. Thanks for coming to our website have a fantastic day!

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