Common Causes Of Dandruff On Dogs .

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dog dandruff causes

Learning The Common Causes Of Dandruff On Dogs

We all know how to get rid of dandruff on dogs. In fact we have been over that subject a few times before on this blog. We even know all about how to prevent dandruff for your pets but do we know about the causes? We have yet to discuss this and that is what we are going to be doing today. Finding the most common causes of dog dandruff  is fairly easy if you know what to look for. Once you find the root problem you can find the best way in your judgement to cure it. Luckily there are some very easy to spot signs and that make it very easy to treat.


A lot of the time the exact root cause of dandruff on your animal is the shampoo that is being used. I know this is not something that you want to hear but you should not be cheap when it comes to buying shampoo. I know it is tempting to buy a five dollar shampoo for your dog. However, this puts your pets at risk of developing some fairly bad dandruff problems. If you are not sure what is causing it, maybe you should talk to your vet about switching shampoo’s! You can do this or you can make your own shampoo. It is wise to make an apple cider vinegar shampoo as it is more natural.

Dry Skin Due To Weather

If there is low humidity in the air your dog or any bet is going to be at risk of getting dandruff flakes. If the temperature is very hot outside and there is no humidity the skin may become very dry and flaky. It is best to get a humidifier in your home to help prevent dog dandruff. Of course this will not ensure prevention it will make a pretty decent difference in your dogs skin and hair.

Poor Diet And Eating

Just like us a dog does not need to be eating junk food every single day. Of course every once in a while you can feed them some delicious food. Sometimes they need to stick to their very strict and regular diet. Certain dog foods are actually made to help make the skin and hair healthy. Which in return will also be great in preventing dandruff. So make sure that they are eating better because it is a major cause.


A lot of pups, cats or any indoor pets have allergies. This can cause serious skin issues and cause a lot of itching and scratching. Itching and scratching will eventually lead to dandruff due to tearing at the skin. Be careful because allergies can eventually lead to infections on the skin that need to be treated with certain ointments.

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Those are the top four causes to be on the look out for. If you know the cause you can learn to prevent which means you do not have to cure. That is what I have always been told to this day! Good luck and we hope that you had a great stay at naturalmentions! Follow us on twitter and pinterest for more updates and content just like this!

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